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TR90 Opportunity Talk

for Emerging Market

Are you ready for the next big wave?

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About The Event

The world is constantly changing, with uncertain economic cycles, and evolving business models.  We must always be prepared to embrace these changes. Are you ready to ride the next big wave? 

Our speaker is Ms Maznida Mokhtar, an ex-CFO of an IT Company that she co-founded.  After being in the corporate sector for the past 30 years, she saw the weight management market potential with TR90, and grabbed the opportunity to build a nationwide weight management franchise! 

Let’s join in to find out how to build a business franchise that can weather all economic cycles, and capture the Next BIG Wave!




You will learn how 


Spot business opportunities in current market trend

Start a business anywhere in the world with low risk and low cost

Expand your business globally with our proven business model

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