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SMART Opportunity

Looking for opportunities to thrive in the current pandemic? 


About The Event

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" It is by this conviction that propelled Bao Yan to achieve greater heights and put herself beyond limits. Prior to embarking to the entrepreneurial platform, Bao Yan was a Wealth Planning Specialist with one of the top private banks in Singapore. Fueling her decision to seeking an alternative career was her desire to break free from the corporate trap.


Capturing the market trends in the last few years, she was able to build a solid business empire in SEA, and attained unconventional freedom for her family. With full control of her business, Bao Yan is now the master of her time and she is very secured and confident about her future. Today, she aims to help more people to achieve the success she experienced through this journey. 

Let's hear from her on how aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself can partner a global business platform and proven system to build financial security in these uncertain times.

You will learn how 





Spot business opportunities in current market trend

Start a low risk and low cost business anywhere in the world

Scale your business internationally 

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