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Global Business Opportunity

Want to find out how to thrive despite the current pandemic and recession situation?

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About The Event

We live in a world that is constantly changing, and business models are evolving every day. Are we embracing these changes? Join our webinar to find out how to build a business empire to weather all seasons, and capture the Next BIG Wave!

Our keynote speaker is Mr Alan Tan, an ex Banker in an international bank turned entrepreneur. Capturing the market trends in the last few years, he was able to build a solid business empire, and attained unconventional freedom for his family. Tapping on his wealth of experience in banking, let’s join in to hear what’s the next big opportunity in 2021 and how to build a global business. 


You will learn how 




Spot business opportunities in current market trend

Start a business anywhere in the world with low risk and low cost

Expand your business globally with our proven business model

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